Grand Touring cars are part of the tradition of endurance racing. To be homologated, a GTE (E for Endurance) must be based around a production road car of which 100 examples have been built (25 for a «small manufacturer”, 300 for a carbon chassis). The «race» version must retain the shape of the road-going model from which it is derived.

The engine must retain its original location, orientation, and its original position. However, it may be re-positioned for cars of which a minimum number of 2500 examples are produced in a consecutive 12-month period.

As opposed to the category with the suffix «Pro» (entered in the FIA WEC and the 24 Hours of Le Mans), «Am» designates the GTE class reserved for amateur drivers.

Technically, the cars in the GTE Am class correspond to the same regulations as the GTE Pros, but they must be at least one year old. Thus, they cannot benefit from the latest developments.

For LMGTE the composition of driver line-ups must adhere to the Drivers’ Categorisation List. A crew of 2 or 3 drivers must include one bronze and one Silver or two Bronze drivers and therefore only crews of three are able to include a Gold or Platinum rated driver.

Race Number Background Colour: ORANGE